Watch This BTS Of An Editorial Photoshoot

Check out a BTS editorial shoot with Brandon Hill. When i first started watching this video I was not expecting a solid finished product, but i quickly ate my own words after seeing the final photos. From looking at the images on the camera to the final product it is evident that Brandon, or a retoucher, did an excellent job in post. It is interesting how adding a different BG color can make the image come alive. It's also apparent that Brandon knows his light ratios very well. These portraits only being done with 2 softboxes is quite impressive. That rim light has just enough kick to separate it, but still have plenty of detail in it, a very delicate ratio. Hope you were able to learn something. Check out his website to view more of his work.

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Joseph Teeter's picture

Thanks for posting Thomas, great BTS. What I want to know is why is Steve Martin ripping up French bread?

Jaafar Benabdallah's picture

Like mentioned in the first comment, this is a repost. Another contributor posted the same BTS 10 days ago. To me this characterizes what has become since the addition of too many contributors: few quality posts and too much uninteresting stuff. I wish Lee and Patrick take a serious action and put some order back.

Eric Gould's picture

Fun. I like that the "stand-in" crew member had the same shirt. Nice touch. Fine work.

Brandon Hill's picture

Thanks for the great write up on my post.  Glad you guys like the work and were interested in writing about it.  And yep, the guy get's "Steve Martin" mentions all the time.