Want to Know What it is Like to Shoot for W Magazine?

We've all seen behind-the-scenes videos before right? Most are quick little tidbits showing how much fun a shoot is and how amazing the life of a photographer is. Some of them even give you some amazing insight into the techniques used by some of the top pros working today. Well, this is NOT that kind of BTS video. This 16 hour (yes, you read that right) marathon of a video is by far the BEST BTS that I've found that really shows you what the elite in the fashion world actually do to make those amazing editorials we all love.

In this video (part one of two) by SHOWStudio, puts you on set with legendary fashion photographer Nick Knight. If you aren't familiar with Nick, and you are into fashion, you really need to take some time to study up on this cat. He was part of the British Invasion of the early 90's that was really the last MAJOR movement (artistically speaking) in fashion photography. Also on set is the remarkable Stylist and Fashion Editor, Edward Enninful. Again, if you don't know that name you should. Getting to work on a set like this as an assistant is often the final step before breaking out into your own editorials, so getting this kind of view with such legends of our industry is really a treat. So, beyond who is in the video, why should you care? Well this video makes you a fly on the wall in what is considered (by most) the pinnacle of fashion photography. A commissioned fashion editorial for one of the worlds top magazines. You'll get to see what a REAL 16 hour shoot day looks like. The standing around and waiting, and then the mad dash to get the shot! The amazing attention to detail and passion each person has for their craft.  You also might get a little technique out if it as well.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to take 16 hours out of your day and just sit and watch. But really consider, while skimming through, the amount of time and effort that we sometimes take for granted.

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fantastic, love the raw style and truth to the photo world shown here

That is amazing! I will have to really set aside a time to watch this. Thanks Rich!

What is that guy holding in front of the camera, anyone?

Sort of a ringflash I guess...

Yes, makes sense thanks! After a while I saw the front of it, looks like it :)

Nick may also call out a Rembrandt look on her face and the lighting guy will follow her angles to get that light whenever she turns her head so it's consistant. You can see this on his shoot with Kim K.

Why have a human tripod for it?? because they can i guess! :P

They are still prelighting and setting up, why move it around on a stand while you find the camera angle and the sweet spot when you can have an assistant hold it. Granted they have to keep putting it in exactly the same spot each time, at exactly the same angle but hey, if you have the extra paid hands, why not use them.

Really want to see this... can anyone lend me 16 hours?

Crazy 8h

Reminds us that even beautiful fantasy, when successful, is firstly... WORK. And hours of it.

I fell asleep after 15 minutes... but it's good to see everything in the set.

Note to self: dress like a CEO when shooting this type of gigs....and talk with an accent.

how are they lighting the white backdrop?

Took about 30 minutes and skimmed through the footage. Thanks for posting!

who's paying for everything?