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10 Tips to Help You Edit More Quickly

Editing can be one of the biggest time commitments for any photographer, and it can also be a rather tedious and boring task depending on what you shoot. As such, it is well worth making the effort to streamline the process anywhere you can. This awesome video tutorial discusses 10 different tips that will help you make your post-processing workflow more efficient.

Coming to you from Mango Street, this great video tutorial discusses 10 different ways to make your post-processing workflow more efficient and to save some time. One thing that helped me a ton was moving my current catalog to an SSD. I keep the majority of my photos on a large 8 TB spinning drive, and that tended to cause a bit of a bottleneck in my work. Since SSDs have come down in price quite a bit (though they are still much more expensive than traditional hard disk drives), I bought a 1 TB model and now keep the current year's catalog on that drive to keep things moving quickly and smoothly. At the end of every year, I simply merge that year's catalog with the archival catalog on the bigger drive and start fresh on the SSD. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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I have a Loupedeck+, and it's an absolute lifesaver on wedding stuff. No more dragging the mouse to each and every setting. Everything is at your fingertips immediately. It's like using your index fingers to type vs the proper way.