3 Important Tips for Beginner Portrait Photographers

Portraiture is a popular genre that challenges both your technical skills behind the camera and your ability to interact with people to draw the best poses and expressions from them. If you are new to shooting portraits, this fantastic video tutorial will give you three tips to keep in mind no matter how far you advance. 

Coming to you from Miguel Quiles with Sony I Alpha Universe, this excellent video tutorial will give you three helpful tips for beginner portraiture. One tip that I think gets overlooked a lot (and definitely took me a while to internalize) is the importance of paying attention to details — both those that are part of your subject and those that are located elsewhere in the frame. It can be easy to become entirely focused on your subject and miss distracting elements elsewhere in the scene, only to load the images on your computer and see them ruined by whatever was hiding in plain sight (this happened to me a lot when I was first starting out). Check out the video above for the full rundown from Quiles.

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Jan Holler's picture

Good tips: 1. Pay attention to details (get rid of unused things), 2. Be decisive (decisions impact final image), 3. Evaluate your lighting