4 Posing Tricks from Lexia Frank That Will Help Your Clients Look Slimmer

Posing is one of those things that people constantly struggle with when getting into photography. Poses that feel comfortable in real life don’t always look good on camera. Check out these four videos from Lexia Frank to help give you a solid base on how to pose your clients in the most flattering way.

How to Get Rid of Your Double Chin in Photographs

In this first video shown above, Frank explains how to elongate the neck by bringing your head toward the camera and pulling back your shoulders. She also explains that the most flattering way to laugh is by laughing toward the camera.

Photography Posing Ideas That Hide the Upper Body and Elongate Lines


This video talks about minimizing the upper body by leaning forward and using crossed arms to create a thinning effect.

How to Look Good in Photos and Loose Inches From Your Waist


Next she talks about a quick and easy way to create a slimming effect on the waist by simply pulling your hands in toward the middle of your body.

The Secret to Looking Amazing in Photos Is Your Feet


The last video talks about feet and how changing the direction of where your toes are pointing can elongate the legs.

For more tips you can check out Lexia Franks' blog.

Anyone use these posing techniques? Do you have a talk with your clients about posing prior to the shoot or do you bring it up as you go? Sound off in the comments.

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Is her home inside a WestElm? So many nick nacks! *Writes down slimming techniques for when people take photos of me*

from now on I'm walking around with my hand on my waist like that...

I tried the first technique and it works wonders! =P

Perfect execution!

Must say, the triple or possibly quadruple chin is much more better then zero or normal double chin. Looking forward to your own video on how to pose.

If I had a dollar for every pixel in those videos, I would still be very poor.

She is just repeating EVERY SINGLE words from Sue B..!
and in the way as she does !!!
seriously Guys..
Take her off..;)

Interesting, I had always told females to cross one knee in front of the other and put that foot on it's toe (showing the outside of the foot). I see how her way would also look good, perhaps depending on the model. The sitting down pose tips are great though, I often wonder how to make some clients look slimmer.

Thanks for sharing!