7 Portrait Composition Tips in Just Two Minutes

When you are shooting portraits, you are probably focusing the majority of your attention on posing, and it can be easy to fall into somewhat plain compositions. This great video will give you seven quick tips along with lots of examples that will improve your compositions and reinvigorate your portraits.

Coming to you from Justin Laurens, this helpful video discusses seven different ways to improve the compositions of your portraits. As Laurens notes, one great way is to ensure there is adequate contrast between your model and the background (this helps them to stand out in the image). This might not always be possible depending on where you are shooting (especially if you are shooting outside during the day), but don't forget that you can often add this in post if necessary, usually without too much effort. One trick that I use on almost every image is using the radial filter in Lightroom to add a slight vignette around my subject (normally around a third or half of a stop). Combined with a high amount of feathering, this creates an almost imperceptible transition, but also emphasizes your subject nicely and helps them to pop a bit. Check out the video above for lots more helpful tips from Laurens. 

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