8 Helpful Tips for Creating Better Vertical Videos

Whether you like it or not, vertical video is quickly becoming a more popular format. With more and more people using their mobile devices as their main means of entertainment and information consumption, vertical video is becoming a natural means of delivering content, though it takes a different way of thinking, particularly since most professional devices are designed for horizontal creation. This great video will give you eight tips to improve your vertical videos. 

Coming to you from Parker Walbeck, this helpful video will give you eight great tips for improving your vertical videos. The advent of mobile devices and apps like Instagram have made vertical video more and more a legitimate format. Sure, you can post normal horizontal video with the hopes that viewers will simply rotate their devices, but the truth is that the majority of people will not do that. This is especially the case in short-form video, such as Instagram stories, where content is often viewed in a series of short bursts, and by the time viewers recognize the need to turn their device for a single entry and do so, the video is halfway over. Of course, horizontal video still reigns supreme for the majority of applications, but it is worth taking a look at how vertical content can possibly help your presence. Check out the video for the full rundown. 

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Just me's picture

First rule of vertical video:

Don't do vertical video.

Daniel Hobebila's picture

Second rule of vertical video:
Don't encurage idiots to do idiotic things, like vertical videos.

Martin Kirikal's picture

This stupid trend needs to die!

Greg G's picture

Whoever first enabled vertical video (Apple?), probably inadvertently, should have nipped this idiocy in the bud. Rather than rectangular sensors, phone cameras should have square sensors and automatically orient the video horizontally regardless of how you are holding the phone.

Just me's picture

No one designed it.
Laziness from people who can't change the orientation of their hand when watching video did it alone.

Michael Larsen's picture

Please, for the love of all that is good, do NOT encourage people nor teach them to do vertical video. Ever, for any reason, no matter what.

Jim Bolen's picture

One of the most irritating trends going. Guess Millenials are too damn lazy to turn their phone and use all the real estate their mobile device offers. Oh, you got a great video and want to watch it on your 60" 4K screen at home? Yeah, vertical will look even more stupid.

Greg G's picture

This is why we now have vertical money in Canada.