All 50-Plus Adobe Applications Explained

You are probably aware of what apps like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro do, but Adobe makes a veritable plethora of applications, and you might not be aware of what they all do and how the more specialized and lesser-known apps can help your work. This helpful video will introduce you to over 50 Adobe applications and explain what they each of them does in just 10 minutes.

Coming to you from Humtog, this excellent video discusses the vast array of applications made by Adobe and what they all do. Most of us are familiar with a few staple applications like Lightroom, Bridge, and maybe Dreamweaver, but we might not have tried more specialized programs like Adobe XD, which is used for designing user experiences for mobile and web apps. And while you might not need all these more esoteric tools, most creatives do not take full advantage of their Adobe app subscriptions, and there might be an app or two hiding in there that could make your workflow more efficient or enable new creative avenues. I know I certainly was surprised by how much was hidden in my Creative Cloud subscription. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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adobe dont make sooo many application. they mainly buy veru good stuff and put adobe stamp on it

I'm really getting sick of Adobe, so many apps that do everything half assed.