Apple Shares Some Tips for the iPhonographers Out There

Apple Shares Some Tips for the iPhonographers Out There

The iPhone has become the world's most popular camera. Apple has done a lot of marketing specifically surrounding the camera features and now shares a few iPhone shooting tips it recommends in a new series of fun videos.

I've written a few articles about using a smartphone for photography. In my first article, I mentioned that I was really against using it as a camera. With the way things are headed now, I am no longer against using my phone as a camera at all. In fact, I use my phone's camera a lot more than I ever thought I would. It is great to have a camera on you at all times, and there are plenty of situations where it is more reasonable to pull out my phone than a full camera setup just to grab a quick shot that I think would be interesting. With Apple sharing some tips on how to take certain kinds of photos, we can all learn a few things to improve our iPhonography a bit.

Even if you don't have an iPhone, you can probably do all these little tricks on another phone. It is also cool to see that Apple encourages photography on the iPhone to an extent where it is producing several simple videos to help people out. As a photographer, I do appreciate what Apple stands for and I, myself, will keep shooting away on my iPhone X.

For more tutorials from Apple, check out the Apple YouTube channel.

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Eddie DaRoza's picture

These are really cool... I love how they are only around 30 seconds

Ty Poland's picture

The straight down tip was awesome.. never knew what that was haha

Paul Scharff's picture

Agree. Even if their content wasn't helpful, I would love it for its brevity. Since the content is helpful, I love it even more.

Ty Poland's picture

I do agree with you on this. There are a lot of things that I would love for Apple to work on with their camera app. They definitely have a lot of potential but shooting RAW in camera would be great and give us a lot more space to edit the photos later on. If I shoot on my iPhone, I am more than likely going to edit on my iPhone and thats kinda the whole point of even shooting on the phone. You have everything all in one place.

Jay Jay's picture

Helpful tips for shooting up close, as per Apple's recommendation: "Get close. Focus. Expose. Shoot." The other ones are just as good. Definitely prime advice. ;)

Ty Poland's picture

Simple, short and helpful, thats all we need

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Pretty cool! I just switched to a Note 8 though and the camera is sooooooo much better. I never liked taking photos on my iphone because they never turned out but on my new phone I am actually happy with them

Ty Poland's picture

I gotta say that when I had the Galaxy s6 edge plus, I was super happy with the camera on that. In fact, I think the camera app was even better than Apple's because it had a pro mode where you could actually go in and adjust the settings. Apple is all about simplicity but why not make that camera app a little better for us iPhone users :) Im way too decked out in Apple gear to switch back

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

They should do another tutorial on how to open the camera app.
Press the home button.
Tap Camera.
Let go.