Are Corporations Controlling Your Photography or Videography?

We live in an age where sharing your creativity with the world at large is unbelievably easy to do, but having that ability isn't a universally positive thing. This thought-provoking video essay looks at the dark side of using these large platforms and how they could be subtly influencing your creativity.

Coming to you from Dave Morrow, this great video essay talks about the dangers of using platforms like Instagram and how they can inhibit the creative process. In addition to the great points Morrow makes, I think one of the most prominent threats to true creativity posed by such platforms is the quantification of approval that attaches numbers to our work in the form of likes or something similar. This can subtly (or not so subtly) cause you to start crafting your work in a manner that attempts to maximize that numerical satisfaction. And when one begins chasing likes, it's a shame, as it censors their true creative impulses. And honestly, I really hate to see people's creativity destroyed by looking for the dopamine hits provided by a phone app or the like. Check out the video above for Morrow's great thoughts on the matter. 

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michaeljin's picture

Yes. Adobe.

He is exactly correct.
I am a self employed photographer precisely because I want to have control over how I operate my business. Depending on a "free" service to underpin your business model is not a business with a stable future. Yes, you may get through your whole career getting gigs from IG and FB but most likely you won'.

It really is like putting your business in a cheap rental building that seems great until the landlord decides to raise the rent.

Alex Yakimov's picture

Generally we do not live in vacuum and nothing is free. Environment influences/controls some parts of our existence/career. According to Black Swans author - Nassim Taleb - It’s all about bricolage/adaptation.

I agree that nothing is free. However we can control more of our lives and businesses with thoughtful choices.
In the end we are all dead equally.