A Beginner's Guide to Aperture in Photography

Along with shutter speed and ISO, aperture is one of the most fundamental parameters that every photographer should a mastery of. This fantastic video will show you how aperture works, its practical consequences, and how to control it for better photos and creative decisions.

Coming to you from Jay P. Morgan with The Slanted Lens, this great video will show you how aperture works and how to use it in your own work. Aperture is one of the most fundamental concepts every photographer should work to master, as it not only controls the technical aspects of your exposure, but also a variety of creative parameters as well. For example, depth of field (which is directly related to aperture) is one of the most powerful tools a photographer has for controlling the viewer's attention in a photo and something you will want to advantage of almost all the time, whether you are using it to isolate your subject or show off everything in the frame. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Morgan. 

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