A Beginner's Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode

Knowing how to shoot in manual mode is one of the most fundamental and useful skills you can have and something every photographer should master as soon as possible. If you are new to photography, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to use manual mode to take complete control of your photos. 

Coming to you from Julia Trotti, this great video tutorial will show you how to shoot in manual mode. Most beginners start out in automatic mode or a semiautomatic mode like aperture priority, and while these can be quite useful, manual mode gives you the most technical and creative control over your camera and images. Even if you prefer to use an automatic mode, there are plenty of situations in which the scene can fool your camera's built-in meter, and you may need to anticipate these and take a greater degree of control to get the photos you desire. It is also a great way to "set it and forget it" to be sure you are getting a consistent exposure every single time without having to worry about minor variations from frame to frame that can be tedious to correct in post. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Trotti. 

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Candice Baldwin's picture

Thank you for this tips! Will be useful in my situation

Jan Holler's picture

Trial and error and depend on the EVF for "correct" exposure? "...adjust the ISO and the shutter speed accordingly until the photo is exposed is correctly".
To all beginners: better skip this video.