Check Out This Incredible Behind the Scenes Look at Filming a Wedding

Wedding videography is a grueling, difficult job full of all sorts of challenges of both the creative and technical variety, and watching a skilled videography team can be tremendously instructive whether you are new to the field and looking to learn or a seasoned master looking for new tricks and ideas. Check out this incredibly comprehensive behind the scenes look at everything that goes into filming the big day.

Coming to you from Scott McKenna, this awesome behind the scenes video takes a long and comprehensive look at how he shoots a wedding from start to finish. Along the way, you will see how he interacts with his team and divvies up duties to ensure complete coverage, but you'll also get great commentary on his thought process, including how he deals with technical and creative issues throughout the day and shoots to create a cohesive creative vision in the final film. You can check out the final edited film below:

One takeaway that was really salient for me was how careful McKenna is to generate redundant footage and extra shots to give himself a lot of flexibility in post. That's just the beginning of the great tips, though. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Indy Thomas's picture

"Wedding videography is a grueling, difficult job full of all sorts of challenges of both the creative and technical variety"
And then the client inquiries are " I have a budget of $500, can I get a crew of three for 12 hours?"

Rafal Wegiel's picture

Couldn't agree more. Wedding Videography is the most underpaid profession ever.

g coll's picture

You have to be brave to enter that business. A heck of a lot more to worry about during the wedding itself and a heck of a lot more post work than a wedding photographer all for about the same amount of money.

super steel_'s picture

in our country video make more then stills photographers by 30% and theyre in demand. in FB groups, all I see are "wanted dslr for xxxx date" im making the move to do video as well. much more work available.

I like the guy and have seen his long video of how to shoot which is long. in that video, I like the stills photographer who came in to lead the B&G photo shoot. thats me exactly. I dont let the videographer deal with that. if he wants a shot, he will tell me "let me have it also" and I oblige but you cant have multiple people guiding the couple.

im not a fan of the GH5 only because youre constantly having to think about the lighting where with the sony A7SII you have the potential to shoot in low light and not to setup lights if youre under stress. adding a light for accent is nice but you dont always have the option of adding in stressed situations. there is the toast shot which was under exposed and thats the single flaw of the camera. for ME the a7sII camera makes a lot more sense for weddings.

another excellent videographer ive learned from is from " Matt WhoisMatt Johnson" also gives reviews and how to's and a really chill guy.