Creating Natural Poses for a Couple Photoshoot

One of the best signs of a photographer who's good at posing is the ability to make the poses look natural and unforced. This great video follows a photographer on an at-home photoshoot with a couple and will show you some helpful posing ideas and tips to improve your own work.

Coming to you from Jessica Whitaker, this video follows her as she photographs a couple (and their cute dog) at home. Posing can be a tricky skill to learn since it's a lot less objective than more technical ideas, but it's a crucially important skill if you're photographing people. And while there's nothing inherently wrong with more formally posed photos, a lot of couples will want some more natural shots that show them as they really are in environments that are familiar to them. In addition to this, notice how Whitaker overshoots a little too. Doing this allows for multiple versions of images with minute differences in body position and expression, and while those might seem inconsequential, they are often the difference between a sure keeper and a shot that isn't quite there. The video is full of great pose ideas; check it out above for the full rundown. 

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