Creating Overhead Studio Lighting for Dramatic Photos

How about shooting a dramatic photo with overhead light inside your small home studio? In this video, you'll learn a simple setup that works for coming up with great shots. 

The first and foremost thing to do is previsualize the shot you have in mind and plan things accordingly. It is also important to decide on the theme you decide to try out. Here in this video, Gavin Hoey of Adorama TV picks up the magician theme and has an apt model in place. So, once you have the picture in mind, the next thing to do is plan the lighting setup and break it down. It is a simple lighting setup he uses here. There is one overhead light from the top, one fill light for the face, and a reflector. Lighting is everything when it comes to creating that dramatic effect. Obviously, when you use props, there will be shadows, which you have to take into account. After a series of trials and errors, the perfect lighting is achieved, and then, it is about improvising the poses and getting the shots. And of course, there's a little post-processing to play with the colors, cloning any light stands out, and more that give the perfect edge to the picture. Take a look at the full video for a detailed rundown of the process.  

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