Dump the Snapshots and Start Taking Photos

When you are new to photography, there can be a tendency to point your camera indiscriminately. And while there is nothing wrong with feeling out how the entire process works, eventually, you have to move from taking snapshots to making photographs. This great video discusses that process and offers some helpful tips for getting there. 

Coming to you from First Man Photography, this interesting video discusses the process of ceasing to take snapshots and moving into true photography. For me, the first time I realized I was really becoming more of a photographer as opposed to someone with a nice camera was when I recognized that I was approaching creating photographs by consciously asking myself what my intentions were for an image. Instead of trying to just "capture" a nice shot, I was thinking creatively about the thoughts and feelings I wanted to evoke in the viewer, and those thoughts were guiding the choices I was making behind the camera. I make it a point to consider those things every time I pull out my camera now, and it is something that has done a lot of good for the quality of my work. Check out the video above for the full rundown on the subject. 

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EL PIC's picture

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” – Ansel Adams. In this quote, “where to stand” has two meanings, one being the spot the photographer chooses to stand to take in the subject from that angle, the other being the photographer's perspective, the purpose.
This photo says it all !!

Dennis Williams's picture

I never took snapshots in my life. I do not capture. It is an ongoing effort to keep self indulgent introspection regarding "thoughts and feelings" to an absolute minimum.

Rob Mitchell's picture

I prefer to make photos.

Carl Irjala's picture

I have never taken a snapshot, so far only photographs. But many others think I've taken a lot of snapshots. However, no one has dared to tell me why they call one of my photos for a snapshot.
There are no snapshots! All photos have been taken for some reason. Some have been made as a piece of art, or as a documentary image or just only for entertainment. All photos have one thing in common, they are photographs. Maybe we don't appreciate or value them now. In the future, these images that today are called snapshots will well document the time we live in now.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Thank you Carl. I think the same. It cannot be a snapshot, if you take the picture by intend.

Nice snapshots in your profile! ;-)

Alex Yakimov's picture

Desire to take a snap is the most basic drive of the photographer, sublimating it for learning, preparation and previsualization is what makes a difference. So yeah I take a lot of snaps sometimes, so my harddrive aches.