Everything You Need to Know About Photographing Seascapes

The beauty of a seascape is that because of the moving water, no two shots are ever the same, and changing conditions can yield entirely different shots of the same scene. If you want to improve your seascape photos, check out this fantastic video guide that will show you everything you need to know, from gear to techniques.

Coming to you from Nick Page, this excellent video tutorial discusses how to photograph seascapes. Adding an element of moving water is a fantastic way to liven up your landscape shots and to increase visual interest. And while you are likely to use something like a wide angle lens to make the water an element of a larger shot, do not forget that it itself can make an excellent isolated subject. We have featured the work of Dave Sanford before, and as you can see, every new wave gives you a new, unique look. Of course, just take appropriate safety precautions if you are spending any time in or near the water (and be sure to protect your gear if you are near saltwater, as it is highly corrosive). Check out the video above for the full rundown from Page.

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EVERYTHING? That's quite a claim.

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Hi Nick,
Great stuff guy. I can hear your intelligence in each segment; everything is well thought out...
Thanks for sharing...

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