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FilmmakerIQ's Introduction to the Properties of Camera Lenses

John P. Hess, over at FilmmakerIQ.com has launched a second video about lens technology this week. This time dealing with the properties of camera lenses. The information contained relates to both still photography and cinematography, and also details the subtle differences between the two as they relate to lenses. He covers topics such as focal length, aperture (or iris), the differences between primes and zooms, and even a look at anamorphic and parfocal lenses. 

If you haven't already watched it, the previous video in the series is an excellent introduction to the history of lenses and the science behind them. While being significantly more technical, it gives us an excellent introduction into how lens technology as progressed, and reminds us of just how lucky we are with modern lenses. Beginning from the first known human understanding of lenses, Hess takes us on a journey all the way to modern lens design, with great examples of the practical applications of high school physics as well.


There's plenty more well-presented content over on FilmmakerIQ.com. If you haven't gone down the rabbit hole yet, get yourself a fresh pot of coffee and enjoy more of John's videos.

[via filmmakeriq.com]

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