Five Quick and Super Helpful Photoshop Tricks

Photoshop tricks are like chocolate and puppies: you can never have enough of them. This awesome video will show you five new tricks to not only make your workflow more efficient, but also easier and more powerful.

Coming to you from Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel, this awesome video will show you five tricks for using Photoshop. My personal favorites are the first two, which show you how to quickly select a color from outside the application and how to keep side-by-side versions of the same document running simultaneously. I watch movies like crazy, and I often come across a shot where the color toning really speaks to me (Wes Anderson, anyone?), and rather than go through the trouble of screenshotting, pulling it into Photoshop, and sampling the colors, I can just grab the eyedropper and sample directly from the player. And of course, keeping two versions of the same image side by side allows you to work on details while keeping an eye on how the overall image is being affected without having to constantly zoom in and out while you're editing. Check out the video above for more great tips and tricks. 

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user-156929's picture

I didn't know about creating a template file. That's useful for me.

Matthias Dengler's picture

Super useful! Quick and straight forward!
Love the two window view!
And applying the Black and white adjustment layer on Color is just genius!

Arun Hegden's picture

Thank you for this, the two window is really useful. :)

None writes anymore, at least it is not an 20 minutes long.

Robert Nurse's picture

Dual windows with "Window-Arrange ..." works for me!!!

Elan Govan's picture

All tricks shared with family members n friends new to Photoshop. Thanks.

Dave McDermott's picture

That first tip is so handy. I'll definitely be trying that.

Dennis Qualls's picture

Excellent article Alex!!