Five Very Useful Lightroom Tricks You Might Not Have Known

Lightroom is an intricate program full of layers of features that go deep beyond the surface interface. As such, there are a lot of hidden tips and tricks that can make your work both easier and better. This helpful video will show you five such tricks.

Coming to you from Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel, this great video talks about five useful but lesser known tricks for working in Lightroom. Personally, an additional tip I would add is that if you're using the adjustment brush trick to change the color of an object, remember that any such local adjustment can also add changes to exposure parameters, clarity, saturation, and more. Frequently, when you change the color of something, it'll come out looking way too vivid or bright to believable, but a little bit of work with the aforementioned sliders can go a long way to helping it blend in in a convincing manner. Also, you'll probably be zoomed in a fair amount to make sure you're masking in the adjustment just right, but be sure to zoom out as you make further adjustments, as this will help ensure you're able to blend it in correctly. 

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That first tip is cool. I did not know that.