Follow a Photoshoot From Conceptualization to Finished Image

Most tutorials focus on one aspect of the shooting process or another, which can sometimes make it a bit difficult to understand why each creative decision was made at different steps of the process. This great video follows a photographer from planning to finished image, giving an overview of the shoot, what difficulties he faced, and how he overcame them.

If you don't already know Francisco Hernandez, he's a portrait guru, known for his well-lit and retouched work. In this video, you'll follow him from the conceptualization of a shoot with a model, to the shoot itself, and on to the finalized image. I think it's important to watch the complete workflow of professionals, as while we're used to isolating techniques or ideas and diving into them at a deep level, seeing them as they fit into a singular timeline can make it clear how different creative decisions tie together and how these in turn can have consequences on other aspects of the shoot. For example, Hernandez has a little trouble overpowering the sun, so he moves his octabox closer to the model. This in turn softens the light, which may affect the way you treat contrast and dodging and burning when you bring the image into Lightroom and Photoshop. While the video doesn't get in depth in explaining the techniques, it does explain each decision well, and it's worth watching. 

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Eduardo Francés's picture

At last someone talking about the concept! In the end the concept gives you EVERYTHING: what kind of model, location, wardrobe, makeup, hair style, props, poses, facial expressions, etc. all of these are satellites of the concept :)

This kid's videos are great!!!

Vincent Alongi's picture

Nice work, Francisco.

He marries his photography work and his retouching skills fairly well here. My father was a retouch artist going back to the days of actual paint / brush- the mid-60's until his death back in the mid-2000's. I literally watched him morph from the old school, to airbrushing to the Mac as I grew up watching him ply his trade at home. I think a piece of him died as the technology took over, but he had to adapt, or go out of business.

As an amateur user of LR, watching these steps is an enlightenment. I'd forgotten how much work went into taking a raw shot to a finished product. Again, kudos and nicely done on Francisco's part. As I hope to progress, I know I'll need to work on post production a lot more, and most likely need to go to PS at some point. Great, quick video.

Jeff McCollough's picture

Stopped watching his videos because he started getting arrogant in Fb groups.

Francisco Hernandez's picture

Jeff, I can't even remember what happened that made you dislike me, but to make that statement continuously after all that I've done doesn't really hold weight to your words. I help when I can and really glad most people appreciate that.

Kirk Darling's picture

So what relevance does that have to the usefulness of this video?

Vincent Alongi's picture

Ignore the negativity. I tune into videos and read articles to glean some knowledge and the helpful words of photographers who've taken time to share it. Some of it may be helpful, some irrelevant based on the content, but none of it useless. Personal feeling is that we're all here to be helped- or to help. We're in this together to promote this art form.

Samuel Flores Sanchez's picture

Very good work!!!