A Fun Explanation of Aperture Using LEGO

Aperture is one of the first terms you learned when you began your photography journey, but do you know how it works? This fun video uses a Star Wars LEGO set to give an in-depth explanation of what aperture is.

Aperture is much more than a setting on your camera. Technically, it is the opening in a lens that can be adjusted to control the amount light that passes through it. This video from Aaron Nace of Phlearn provides an excellent example of how a lens works and what happens when its aperture is adjusted.

First, Nace uses a simple illustration of a lens to demonstrate how the iris opens and closes as the aperture is adjusted. After the technical terms are explained, he sets up a simple but effective illustration of aperture using the LEGO set. The toys are set up in a scene to emulate a foreground and a background. Then, while leaving his camera on a tripod, he takes pictures at different apertures to show how the depth of field changes at each stop.

Like most of Nace’s videos, this tutorial is presented in a knowledgeable and fun way. If you want a deeper understanding of aperture, or have never understood how the inner parts of a lens work, this video explains both topics well.

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Jonathan Brady's picture

I'll be honest, he kind of lost me when he said ISO determines the amount of light that enters the camera.