Get Out of Your Photography Comfort Zone

We all have our personal style and photographic habits, and that is not a bad thing; after all, they are what define us as creatives. On the other hand, we can end up stuck in a bit of a rut if we never stray outside our comfort zone, and this excellent video reminds us why it is important to push ourselves every once in a while. 

Coming to you from Michael Shainblum, this fantastic video explores the idea of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. No doubt, we all have our favorite locations, editing styles, and more, but on the other hand, if we do not explore outside our normal methods, we can end up losing interest in our own work simply because it becomes monotonous. One thing that has always helped me to get out of my comfort zone is to place some sort of artificial limitation on my work for a bit, such as only shooting with a specific focal length or only using a certain aperture. The roadblocks this creates force you to think outside the box and find new ways of representing your creative ideas. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Shainblum.

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