Get Photography Advice From 29 Professionals All in This One Video

Professional photographers who have been in the field for years can be an invaluable resource for helpful tips and bits of wisdom whether you are first starting out or you are just as seasoned as they are. This great video features 29 professionals giving out their tips on how to become a better photographer.

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this awesome video features him meeting with 29 professional photographers at the recent Sony Kando and asking them to give their bits of advice to viewers. Personally, my favorite tidbit came from David Burnett. I found his point regarding the types of photographs we will be looking at in 40 years particularly salient. It can be easy to get so caught up and/or exhausted by professional work that we forget to take pictures of our own lives (or we simply choose not to), but we can use our own talents to skillfully capture important moments with family and friends, and like Burnett said, it will generally be these pictures that we'll look back on most fondly in the coming years. However, that's only one photographer, and the rest of the video is absolutely jam-packed with great advice; check it out above. 

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Broken Canon Art & Photography's picture

For an untrained zero skill photographer, these are great tools to helping one understand the fundamentals of photography. However, For those of us who have chosen not to read or watch these videos in order to safeguard our way of thinking. In other words, If I was to watch these videos, I would have corrupted my whole way of thinking and my approach to my own photography style. Thus I'll not watch them nor take photography classes. My images are what they are without any alteration or enhancement.

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Are you so easily influenced by others that your style will be corrupted by seeing other photos?

Here's a deeper dive with David Burnett, part one of an interview recorded last week. Great stuff from a great photographer.