Get Started With Shooting Video By Learning How to Control Exposure

Whether you’re picking up a camera for the first time to shoot video or you’re coming from the photography side and could use a guide to translate what you already know into videography terms, this video has you covered on the exposure basics.

In this educational guide from DPReview, the exposure triangle of photography — shutter speed, aperture, and ISO — is converted into the video square (trapezoid). This video square includes shutter speed, aperture, gain (rather than ISO), and neutral density. If you’ve already mastered the basics of photography, these video terms probably sound familiar but you may not know how to use these settings and tools to create the best quality video.

As the guide shows, settings that are good for stills aren’t always want you want to use for video as well, so it’s smart to learn the differences now before you spend a lot of time filming something and learning the hard way.

Have more tips to share with budding videographers? Leave them in the comments below.

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Wes Jones's picture

I really enjoy watching these guys. Informative video for video novices like me.

David Collins's picture

Thanks for the video , I'm new to shooting video and this cleared up the basics for me.