A Helpful Approach to Taking Street Photography That Works for You

Street photography is a tough genre: it can offer an intimate and unfiltered look at life, but many photographers are hesitant to engage in it because it can lead to unpleasant or even dangerous situations. This interesting video examines the many ways one can engage in it beyond just the most well-known approaches.

Part of the problem with street photography is the image we often have of it: creeping in and out of shadows, hurriedly snapping shots to avoid confrontation. But as Sean Tucker details in this great video, there's so much more breadth and nuance to the genre than just that, and even if you're not into shooting portraits (he isn't), there's a lot of creativity to be found in the pursuit. As he mentions, for him, people are more incidental to the shots, providing a "grounding" that helps to contextualize the otherwise somewhat abstract interplay of light, shadow, and geometric shapes. Even if you're not a particular fan of the genre, I think taking time to occasionally shoot some street photography is generally beneficial, as it teaches you to quickly read a scene and make decisions regarding light, composition, and more. The focus doesn't always have to be on people. 

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Much more interesting than running around and sticking wide angle lenses in peoples' faces.