How and Why You Should Keep Your Colors Consistent in Your Photos

Managing your color is one of the most subtle yet important aspects of creating consistently top-notch images. This helpful video will show you how to keep your colors consistent from the shoot to the edit.

Coming to you from Gavin Hoey of Adorama TV, this great video talks about how to manage the colors of your photos both when you're shooting and when you're editing. As he mentions, before anything, you should have a decent monitor that's been calibrated. If it's not properly calibrated, everything you look at is going to be skewed in some way, which will affect how you edit, as the colors you perceive will not be the actual colors in the image, thereby giving you some off-kilter results when you look on a calibrated display or attempt to print your photos. Beyond that, getting your colors right at the shoot can save you a lot of time in post. Of course, when you're shooting in raw, you can change the white balance and tint after the fact without penalty, but that still means eyeballing and adjusting photos back and forth instead of simply setting it based on your measured values and forgetting it. Check out the video above for the full rundown of the methods. 

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