How Do You Get Hired With No Experience?

Have you ever wanted to make it big in an area of photography or any industry, but remained frustrated about not getting the first client to prove yourself? Well, that sounds common and here's one way of answering it, coming from Chase Jarvis.

Jarvis talks about two points that matter. I am highlighting the second and the significant point and leave you to have a full run on the video ahead. It is the importance of creating proof points. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think what will make you hire a professional? Apart from the first call or the website or any marketing collateral, it obviously is the professional's portfolio that will drive you to hire him/her. Anyone would want to see your work before hiring you to do their work.

The first and best thing to do then is to invest time, thought, and the needed money on personal projects and create a portfolio that will speak for you. As simple as that, no one would want to say no to an amazing portfolio. There you have your proof of point and you are good to get started. Clearly, complaining about not getting hired without a solid portfolio will not lead you to anywhere but disappointment. Take a look at the full video now. 


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Short summary for the video: you don't.

Spy Black's picture

Be the greatest bullshit artist...

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blah blah blah -- blah blah blah... PORTFOLIO. The ONE word take-away.

If you've not been in that field, if you've not included it inside your work. Just keep dream'in.

And portfolio means - experience

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How do you know that portfolio is real? I believe it was Lee Morris who had his entire wedding photography website lifted by some dude, who then posed as a wedding photographer with Lee's images. Talk about being a bullshit artist...