How to Plan an Editorial Shoot

Editorial and commercial shoots are usually very lively and put quite a bit of pressure on the photographer. Managing a full crew on set and making sure all the required pictures are well executed is not an easy task. There are a few things to know in order to be certain everything runs smoothly. In this mini tutorial, Alexi Lubomirski gives you all his tips to get you started.

Lubomirski is a fashion and commercial photographer who has worked for most of the biggest magazines: GQ, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. But before being a successful photographer, he was an assistant for one of the best, Mario Testino. So, he surely knows his craft, and there is probably lots to learn from him.

In his tutorial, Alexi Lubomirski will not only get you through everything there is to remember on the day of, but also through what you should do before the shoot. Pre-production is often overlooked, even though it is actually crucial. It can be as simple as creating a gear list and making sure you have all the cables you need, to more time-consuming tasks, such as building a mood board or finding the right inspiration images.

This video is not the first attempt of the New York-based photographer. More mini photo tutorials, as he likes to call them, are available on his YouTube channel. If you are into fashion or commercial work, Lubomirski is definitely someone worth following and learning from. So, if you haven’t already subscribed to his channel, don’t forget to.

After Chase Jarvis and his “Chase Jarvis RAW” series, it’s exciting to see that other big names of the industry are following the trend of vlogging or offering free video tutorials. It’s an excellent way to get inspired, learn, and perfect our craft.

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Jonathan Krier's picture

Love Alexi's videos, super inspiring!

Chris Adval's picture

Thanks for sharing that! What I would love to know or if possible is a interview (video or written, either works) with Alexi Lubomirski for Fstoppers? I'd love to know how or tips more from him on how he got his foot into the door of working with publications.(yes I know there are many tips already out there but want to hear/read his story if not already out there and I'm sure others would love to read or watch an interview like this if possible)

Michael H's picture

That was excellent!

Percy Ortiz's picture

I love this guy. Probably more a fan of him now than I am of Mario despite of my peruvian blood

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

and my music is on this video at the end of it +)

John de la Bastide's picture

Great stuff !

Michael Kormos's picture

He pulled that off at Bryant Park in the middle of a day without permits?


Scott Weaver's picture

But this shows nothing of actually shooting the assignment, or the resulting photos.