How to Mount a Small Canvas Backdrop on a C-Stand

Have you ever seen a small backdrop placed in the middle of an open field or exotic location and wondered how that was possible? In this quick video, learn an easy way you can mount a small canvas backdrop to a C-stand. 

When I saw the work of Felix Kunze for the first time, the thing that stood out to me was how he brought his studio outdoors and included it in the landscape. In this short and very informative video, Felix dives into how he achieves this technique. He describes what gear you will need to pull this off, including a Matthews Matthellini Clamp 6" End Jaw, a 40-inch boom arm with grip head, and a sturdy C-Stand. He recommends that this technique should be used for smaller backdrops (anything smaller than five feet) otherwise it will bend. I love how simple Felix makes it, and I never knew it was this easy to pull off that look. For me, since I shoot mostly studio work indoors, I have always wanted to go out outdoors and bring my studio with me, so this video is definitely being bookmarked, and saved for inspiration. To see more of his videos check out his YouTube channel. 

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george andrews's picture

Wanted to mention a great idea I had after having a c stand fall over outside one day, use an "earth screw", these are cheaply available, amazon or ebay, made of plastic and screw into the ground with 600lb pulling out force, just screw one in grass, dirt or sand, and a large carabiner, etc. clip it to the bottom of your stand, the stand will never pull out.

Garrett Goerl's picture

Hey George, do you happen to have a link for said earth screw? I looked on amazon but it seems to be hit or miss, also, curious how do you clip it to the bottom of the stand?