How to Photograph Flowing Water

Waterfalls, rivers, and the like are by far some of the most popular subjects for landscape photographers, particularly when it comes to long exposures. This fantastic video tutorial discusses how to shoot flowing water to create ethereal and entracing photos. 

Coming to you from Alister Benn of Expressive Photography, this excellent video tutorial details how to photograph flowing water. Moving water is always a great way to create eye-catching photographs, and most photographers like to use an ND filter to create a long exposure that smooths out the turbulence. One thing I think is important to remember is that you really do not need a big river for this kind of shoot; even the smallest stream will yield great images if you remember to use perspective properly. We do not have many big rivers here in Ohio, but we do have a ton of smaller streams and brooks, some only a few inches wide, but I have never had any trouble creating photos using them as subjects. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Benn. 

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