How to Photograph Wedding Rings

Weddings are just as much about the detail shots as they are about capturing the people involved in the day. And perhaps no detail shot is more important than the rings, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you how to capture them in an elegant way that will create a fantastic memory for the couple. 

Coming to you from Chelsea Nicole Photography, this helpful video tutorial will guide you through the process of photographing wedding rings. Of course, the rings are one of the most important parts of the day, and couples put a lot of work and heart into choosing rings that have deep personal meaning to them. As such, getting highly detailed shots that capture the entirety of the rings is very important. For that, you will likely want a decent macro lens. As the video details, often, with rings, it is better to keep things simple, with good lighting and a clean, simple spread and backdrop that allows the details to easily shine through. While it might be tempting to make the shot busier, it is important that nothing competes with the rings themselves for attention. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Catherine Bowlene's picture

Thanks for sharing, Alex! I'm bad at photographing small details but as small as they may be, the rings are still big and many couples want the pictures of them.