How to Quickly and Effectively Whiten Teeth in Photoshop

Whether it is weddings, portraits, or something else, any genre in which you photograph people will require you to whiten a person's teeth at some point. This quick and to-the-point video tutorial will show you to easily and efficiently do that in just a few seconds using Photoshop. 

Coming to you from Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect, this great video tutorial will show you how to whiten someone's teeth using Photoshop. The majority of people out there do not have impeccably white teeth, and one of the most commonly requested retouches is removing teeth stains. Luckily, it is very easy to address this in Photoshop, and it only takes a few seconds once you have the technique down. The thing to remember, however, is that less is more. I often see overly whitened teeth that have a fake glow to them. Not only does this look a bit bizarre and unrealistic, it also steals attention from the eyes and the rest of the portrait. It generally does not take as much of an adjustment as it might seem initially to produce a pleasing result that your clients will be satisfied with. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Dinda. 

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Kurt Pas's picture

If you create a color preset in Capture One that does not select the skin tones, you can go with 5 second. Even when you are as slow with the pen tablet as me ;-)

Chris Rogers's picture

hell yeah nice. Thanks for this.