How to Stay Creative as a Photographer or Filmmaker

Being constantly creative is hard – really hard. And yet, it's our job to consistently pull innovative ideas out of our hats and wow clients with our imaginations and skill. This helpful video talks about how to keep being creative.

Coming to you from Cinecom, this interesting video talks about how one stays consistently creative. It's fun when you're a hobbyist photographer and you can pick up and stop working whenever you please and whenever the creative impulse strikes you, but when it's your job, the pressure to constantly be innovative can be crushing. As the video mentions, I think a large part of the battle is challenging yourself. When you work within the same boundaries day in and day out, you don't do anything to force yourself to improvise and expand your palette and techniques. This can lead to a real stagnation that makes it all the more difficult to come up with a good idea when the pressure is on. However, if you make it a point to consistently get better, you'll be much better prepared when that challenge is coming from a client. We rarely grow when we're in our comfort zones. Check out the video above for more. 

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