The Importance of Learning Not to Care as a Creator

One of the biggest aspects of the vast connectedness of the modern world is how easy it is to access a wealth of information and content from millions of creators and educators. But that is not always a good thing, and this great video discusses why you should try to care just a little less and gives you an actionable plan to accomplish that.

Coming to you from YC Imaging, this insightful video talks about why you should learn to care a bit less as a creative by carefully considering the sort of content you consume and tuning out the rest of the noise. I think the video makes a very good point about how many highly accomplished creatives only follow a select few colleagues for inspiration. Whatever content you consume will influence you whether you want it to or not, and when you are trying to build your own personal style, this can be detrimental if you are not actively and carefully honing your influences. This is why I tend to stop listening to most music whenever I am working on a new piece, as it helps to refine my creative process. Check out the video above for a great plan for cutting the static out of your life. 

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Benoit Pigeon's picture

Ah, I don't do video for many reasons, looked at it, did a few, never invested in it, I didn't see myself make a return in the time frame I would have want to. I look at clips like this one and wonder if video doesn't have a bigger problem than photography. Is it possible that more people go into video than stills today?

Stoopy McPheenis's picture

I think people believe that being a 'content creator' is where it's at. They want to side hustle on YouTube and IG and do branded partnerships and social media campaigns and show the world their 'reach.' Which is fine. It works for a lot of people. For me, all that is a distraction. I stick to stills and focus 100% of my effort on those, which has paid off nicely.