Learn How to Create These Stunning Valentine Beauty Shots

It can be a lot of fun to deviate from the standard shoot and explore your creative side a bit. If you are looking to invigorate your photos a bit, this excellent video will show you two different looks based on a Valentine's Day theme and how they were shot.

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler Photography, this great video will show you how she shot two different looks based on a Valentine's Day theme. In the first photo, you will notice that Adler is using just a single white beauty dish in a classic position, using a 70-200mm lens to create a tight, straight-on shot that is dramatic and expressive. Of course, with such an intricate and creative makeup design, Adler does not stop at just one shot. For her second image, she adds a pink wig and pink gels to dual umbrellas firing into the background to create a Valentine's color palette. She also adds a second beauty dish for a clamshell setup. Lastly, she adds white v-flats on either side to fill in some of the shadows. It makes for a fantastic shot and quite the contrast to the first image. Check out the video above to see how Adler created the images. 

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