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Learn How to Recreate These Three Different Portraits All Shot in One Location

The beauty of artificial lighting is that you can create shots in just about any situation no matter the ambient light, and you can create a wide variety of looks in one location simply by varying parameters like the position of the light or its distance to the subject. This excellent video shows a photographer discussing how he got three different shots in one location with the help of artificial lighting. 

Coming to you from Francisco Hernandez of FJH Photography, this great video will show you how Hernandez got three different shots in one location with the help of artificial lighting, along with lots of helpful discussion on how he chose different poses and the like. In this case, Hernandez is using a Godox AD300pro to light his subject and sometimes, natural light to supplement and balance the image. It is a fantastic illustration of just how versatile artificial lighting can be. You can use it as the sole source for your subject, or as you can see in the video, you can use it to balance the exposure of your subject against the backdrop, creating fantastically dramatic images. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Richard Hall's picture

Great Article , thank you for talking the time to show your process

Austen Hunter's picture

Thank you for sharing! I really enjoy the photos of your setup on Instagram as well. Great job.

Diego Pozo's picture

Always an inspiration dude! Following for 2 years already. Started ocf because of you

Carlos Lopez's picture

Is so good too see how you create your photos bro !!! :) Always helpful ,your friend charles from Costa Rica!

Stephen Charles's picture

FJHPhotography always inspires and educates. Go watch all his videos on Youtube... worth your time as a photographer.

Yvonne Min's picture

Thanks for always sharing so much!

Sethu Varun's picture

Can't thank enough for all the knowledge you share 🙌🤠😊😃. Thank you so much for the article.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Amazing piece of information shared! And the video is good too.