Learn The Many Uses of White Seamless with Zack Arias

There are shooters who spend 100's if not 1000's of dollars on courses to learn what you can learn in these two videos from DEDPXL. In them commercial, editorial photographer Zack Arias goes into great detail on how to light your subjects with a seamless white background set up. Learn everything from studio dimensions, light and model positioning, camera and light settings, post production, equipment use, taking the background from black to white and more tips and tricks then you can retain in one viewing. You can watch the videos here but I also highly recommend that you check out Zack's original post for part 1 and part 2 for even greater detail. 

In part one I covered the basics in terms of gear and space and demonstrated how this all works with video lights. For part two I cover doing this same thing with strobes and then go into some post production tips and tricks in Photoshop. -Zack Arias

If you want to pick up the background Zack calls a cyc-in-a-sac, the Photo Basics 9′ x 20′ High Key background made by Westcott can be purchased here.



A side note from Kenn Tam - A few years back: me, fellow Fstoppers crew and other photographers in NYC started getting together to talk shop and share drinks across the poker table. PhoTogs Playing Poker was born. Well the time has come to cross the continent, bound over boarders and start a west coast Canadian chapter in Vancouver BC.

If you are in the area and want to be a part of a richer photo/video community and make some really great friends amongst your peers then send me a Facebook friend request and let me know that you would like to join the group. All levels of experience are welcome and we hope to get together soon.

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Michael Holst's picture

Great Tutorial! I like lighting tutorials like this more than anything else.

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As someone who loves learning about the real nitty-gritty of lighting I must say I love this post.

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Great Tutorial. Zack Arias is brilliant!

Thanks you Guys for sharing. Zack Arias you're the man!

Great Tutorial! I

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Awesome Tutorial! Thanks.

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Super useful!