The Mistake of Going Overboard During Post-Processing

With today's modern sensors and powerful editing software, it's easier than ever to push files to extremes. But of course, just because you can push a file that far, it doesn't mean that you should. This thoughtful video talks about a better, subtler way to edit files. 

Coming to you from Blake Rudis of f64 Academy, this great video talks about overprocessing files and how to take a more nuanced approach that yields subtler and often better results. As Rudis mentions, with modern cameras and the extreme dynamic range and file latitude they come with, it can be very easy to push files beyond a tasteful limit, particularly if you're simply performing global adjustments. By focusing on local adjustments, not only is it easier to show more restraint, you can also focus on local phenomena within the frame more, giving you a better read of the overall image and also helping you to learn to shape individual characteristics to create a better whole. Taking that extra time is often worth it. And when you're done with an image, it's a good idea to step away from it for a bit and reexamine it later with fresh eyes to make sure it's not overdone. Check out the video above for more. 

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Thanks! I think we've all done the heavy hammer. It's nice to see these tips, wish I'd seen and listened when I started. But, now it gives me something to do and go back and reset my RAW files and REDO my post with a subtle little hammer. :)

Blake Rudis's picture

I love your positivity and open minded attitude! Go get em... with a tack hammer 😁

David Moore's picture

I've never gone overboard! Yeah, that's the ticket.

Blake Rudis's picture

Yeah, me either this was for everyone else 😁😂🤣 jk

Alex: Nice repost of someone else's content,. Why even add your name to it?

Blake Rudis's picture

He did credit it, I'm not an author on fstoppers, but I do appreciate Alex for reposting my videos and other and for sharing the wealth of knowledge that he does from other educators.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Great stuff, now we just need a video for weddings a child portraits.. LOL

Blake Rudis's picture

Haha, true, those aren't my specialty, sorry!

Blake Rudis's picture

Thanks so much for sharing, Alex!

My number one photography sin is still my tendency to push an image too far .. because you can. This is a timely reminder to scale back. My photos need to be more stately ladies, less painted whores.