Peter Hurley’s Latest Photo Tip Tells Tall and Short Couples to Spread 'Em

Peter Hurley, father of the squinch, has a great new tip for people on both sides of the camera. This quick video demonstrates a way for tall people to still look good while being photographed next to someone more height challenged. The days of hunching are over; All hail the spread.

Of course this tip isn’t just for those who are tall and know it. This one is going to be completely relative to who you’re standing next to, so keep it in mind. As photographers, having this trick in your bag will hopefully end any of the less intimate tall-person-standing-far-away or those awkward crouching shots. Now it’s mostly just a matter of keeping your subject feeling confident while they look slightly silly out of frame.

If you’re looking for more small things that make a huge difference in photos, Hurley also has YouTube videos dedicated to extending the jaw, mastering the squinch, and holding your sub. At this point I should also mention that Fstoppers has done a couple of awesome full-length tutorials with Hurley (The Art Behind the Headshot and Illuminating the Face) in case you can’t get enough of his charisma.

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Adam T's picture

SIDE RANT: I want to see a cage match between Peter Hurley and Jared Polin.
Not because of photography but because I think they'll both start pulling each others hair in a loop and that would make me laugh.

stir photos's picture

Keeping his actual photography out of it, I wasn't aware of Jared Polin, so I searched his name, and that dude... haha. If some people find him obnoxious, I could pretty easily empathize. He reminds me of someone from middle school and early high school; that guy was a candy ass. Peter seems like a guy that's easy to hang out with, and probably fun to.

Jay Jay's picture

Peter has a cool west cost vibe, while Jared has a straight up Bronx vibe. I rarely watch Jared's videos, but i'll always watch Peter's entertaining and informative videos any day of the week.

Adrian J Nyaoi's picture

Peter will win hand down;

Peter Timmer's picture

I've always felt Peter Hurley was part of some conspiracy.... The evidence is undeniable...

Jay Jay's picture

I have the taller person squat down a little so there's not a drastic difference in height. Works better since having them do it Hurley's way is going to make a lot of them feel really uncomfortable and embarrassed, especially if other people are around. I love Hurley, i really do, but it's a little hard to believe this video he did (as if nobody has done other tricks in the past when shooting couples of different heights) is newsworthy? Don't know about you, but i'm *not* having my male subject do the splits. :)

Douglas Snyder's picture

Maybe an Apple Box? That is what Tom Cruise stands on so he can see eye to eye with other actors...