Planning for Autumn Photos

Autumn has arrived here in the Northern Hemisphere, and with it comes the opportunity for vibrant, colorful photos of the changing leaves. It is often just a few weeks that we get with those brilliant colors, however, so it is important to do some scouting and planning to be ready when the times arrives. This great video will give you some helpful tips to be ready to take some excellent images of the fall leaves.

Coming to you from Nigel Danson, this helpful video discusses some great tips for preparing for autumn photography. Autumn is my favorite time of year, simply because so many normal areas turn into brilliant displays of bright and vibrant color. One thing that I think is particularly important to remember in the fall is that the intricate colors and textures offer the opportunity for shots from many perspectives. Of course, there are the traditional wide-angle landscape shots, but consider alternative perspectives as well, such as a macro shot of a vibrant leaf isolated from the larger trees or drone shots showing more abstract washes of color. It a fun and very creatively invigorating time. Check out the video above for all of Danson's helpful tips. 

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The fall colors are easy to predict in central Texas. They start never and are gone before they have begun. Sometimes I rake during Christmas break.

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Same in MD, For the last 4 years MD hasn't had any vibrant colors. but this year we beat the odd of not having or seeing fall colors by driving to them in Maine. Wasn't full but good enough for us.