A Quick Tip for Finding Models to Work With

When traveling to new places, you may not have a solid network established to find talent to work with. Perhaps you are just starting and looking to local talent to work with. Where do you search to find potential models for your portfolio?

There are several ways and different platforms you can use to find models to work with. While this is a promo video for Michael Sasser's "Finding Models" course, Sasser does shows a sneak peek into the course covering how he uses Instagram to search for models. He also covers a few things he looks at when reviewing their feed to see if they are a good fit for a collaboration like the size of their following and what kind of photos they are sharing. 

Afterward, the video jumps into another section behind two different shoots showing how Sasser is communicating and working with the models. Good communication throughout the shoot with the model can help boost their confidence and allows for the pictures to continue being good. 

Besides Instagram, where do you search when looking for models to work with? Are there any tips you have found useful when searching or even approaching potential subjects? What are some red flags you have come across that tell you this may not be a good collaboration before shooting?  

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Quick tips or a quick tip, pick one!

Dennis Williams's picture

Contact your local talent agency which may be divided into fashion print, commercial print and runway as well as kids and special. While anyone can model (verb) for you, legitimate models (noun) are not just standing around waiting for you to walk up to them.

I realize it falls under semantics but subject and model are not interchangeable terms.

If you are looking for people to play the part while developing a portfolio then find people who are as close to being competitive as possible. One advantage for portfolio images can be height requirements are not particularly relevant because you can create your image to suit the subject's height. An inch or two either way or a female with measurements off an inch from 34-24-34 or a guy without perfect abs won't kill the image if they are styled to obfuscate the shortcomings. If it is a headshot you don't have to own up to the fact that the girl was 5'7" rather than 5'9".

You can shoot people who are perfect for the two shots you want to take that day and they will fit into your portfolio seamlessly. Models on the other hand need to be able to pull off whatever comes up throughout hours of shooting with a variety of set-ups.

Lastly, not sure who the author's target audience is with this video, but the title image is horrendous, the subject wonky and if if this is what you are interested in shooting you should just ignore my post because we are operating from completely different perspectives.

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Alex there are other youtubers out there you can post. Just search.