See How the World's Smallest Full Frame Camera Is Made in This Fascinating Video

The Sigma fp is a ludicrously small and light full frame camera, and of course, to make such a tiny camera takes some impressive manufacturing precision and expertise. Check out this awesome behind the scenes video that heads to Sigma's factory to show you how it is put together. 

Coming to you from Cinema5D, this interesting video takes a behind the scenes look at the manufacturing process of the new Sigma fp camera. The fp is ridiculously small, easily fitting into the palm of the hand (Sigma touts it as a pocketable full frame camera), and weighing in at only 13 oz (370 g). Combined with its use of the new L mount that gives it access to a large library of lenses from various manufacturers, it is an intriguing option for any photographer or videographer looking for the ultimate in portability while still taking advantage of the image quality of a full frame sensor. I was especially surprised and impressed by how much of the process is done by hand; it certainly shows the impressive fine motor skills of the technicians working on the cameras. Check out the video above for a neat look at the process. 

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I would love to see Nikon Z manufacturing process :)