Seven Helpful Landscape Photography Composition Tips

Composition is one of the most important aspects of successful landscape photography, but it's also one of the trickiest and most nuanced. This helpful video will give you seven tips to improve your landscape photography compositions.

Coming to you from Landscape Photography iQ, this helpful video will give you seven tips to improve your landscape photography compositions. If you're new to the genre, you might notice that sometimes, scenes that look magnificent to the naked eye don't really translate all that well to your images. It takes a different eye to make successful landscape photographs, and training yourself to look at scenes through that perspective is crucial to creating successful photos. One of the most common mistakes is not including a good foreground element when using a wide angle lens. This can make everything in your image seem far away and overly two-dimensional, whereas including a foreground element can really help to draw the viewer's eye across the photo and lend it some helpful perspective. Check out the video above for more helpful tips! 

And if you really want to dive into learning landscape photography, check out our series of tutorials with Elia Locardi in the Fstoppers store!

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Nice Post

Nothing to say about those tips but as a Frenchman I really wished people would stop spamming us with photos of the lavender fields... In a few years those shots will disappear anyway, or will differ. Drought years are killing the fields, and people will have to resort to more water efficient methods, IE planting companion plants and mulch plants. So you'll still have the lavender crops, but amongst other stuff. Forget about those clean purple lines. Plus there is so much more to see in this part of France that those photographers never show...

I recommend the book he has in the background though, Masters of Landscape Photography. Horrible title, forcing the publisher to label each photographer a "master" of something (light, weather, mountains etc...) but some great gems inside.

I'd hardly call it spamming. The video isn't about the lavender fields, or France, it's about composition. And besides, there are fields and flowers, and fields of flowers, all over the planet. So if Provence can't provide flowers, you can get fields of tulips in Washington State, in the USA, or fields of commercial flowers in Lompoc, California. Knowing how to compose a good shot is useful.

Deb Henman's picture

Thank you.

Deleted Account's picture

The mountain on the right side of the cover image is killing me. It leads my eye straight out of the frame.