Seven Things Photographers Need to Know About Filmmaking

If you're like me, a long-time photographer with a new found desire for getting into filmmaking, then you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. There are so many new things to consider when a photographer makes the jump to filmmaking. Things that as a stills shooter we seldom, if ever, think about. Fortunately, Toronto-based, Finnish filmmaker, and creator of Travel Feels, Matti Haapoja, has seen more than his fair share of friends that have taken the plunge. They were lucky to have had Haapoja on hand to help them out. And we're lucky that Haapoja was inspired to share, "7 Things Photographers Need to Know About Filmmaking".

I've just recently taken a keen interest in filmmaking, brought on by an impulse purchase. I picked up a full Mavic Pro Platinum kit just for fun but after a few short flights, I quickly found myself wanting to justify the expense. This meant getting a little serious about making videos. But where to begin? I didn't even know what settings to use. As I started searching for the answers, I learned that shutter speeds were no longer left up to the whims of my creativity but were actually tied to frame rates. Which raised other questions like; what frame rate should I be shooting at?  And what format do I use to replace RAW? Now, learning these things are made easy just by watching Haapoja's video, where you will also be turned onto the importance of stabilizers, sound use, movement, and manual focusing (*shivers*). So save yourself a whole lot of Google searching and listen to Haapoja .

[via Travel Feels]

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Ohh now I see why you've been mia, getting serious about making videos. Haha this is why I haven't done it yet, I will get obsessed until I'm good

Carl Joyce's picture

Good tutorial, I'm a photographer just entering the world of film so this helps a lot, cheers.

16mm Camera's picture

What films has he done? I thought he only did wedding videos and VLOGs? Curious.