Seven Unique Travel Photography Tips You Might Not Have Heard Before

Even if it's not your genre of choice, travel photography can be a great opportunity to stretch your photographic muscles and come away with some unique imagery. This great video will give you seven lesser known travel photography tips. 

Coming to you from Mitchell Kanashkevich of mitchellkphotos, this helpful video will give you seven unique travel photography tips. Even if you're not into the genre, many of the tips are applicable well beyond travel work and are well worth listening to. Of them, one particularly salient gem for me was the idea that what's ugly can often tell a better story than what's beautiful. I think one of the most important things for a photographer to learn to do is to separate their photographic eye from their natural eye. Often, what looks good to your eye makes for a mediocre photograph and vice versa. By embracing what might seem "ugly" or even boring to your eye, you can often find highly interesting subject matter — often more interesting than what's "beautiful," simply because you're using your skills in making compelling imagery to show something that the viewer hasn't already seen many times before. Check out the video above for more helpful tips!

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Sanket Khuntale's picture

Thanks for these! Its very enlightening! :)

Joe Black's picture

What a great share Alex. Thank you so much. What a great youtube channel!

Carl Irjala's picture

Because I'm a big consumer of YouTube, I want to say that there are tons of videos of the "unusual". All we have to do is to search and find these.
But I am glad that you share this video because it is a very good reminder that we do not have to follow the big mass in photography. It pays to be a bit odd, and it gives a lot of joy.
Kind regards

Stefan Gonzalevski's picture

Inspiring ! And great photos !

Ugh. I was dreading this after I clicked on the link and the page was loading. Yup- another video that I can't watch from where I am. What ever happened to good old fashioned articles? I think I'll have to remove this site from my news feed.

Keith Meinhold's picture

Excellent. After creating a number of photo albums from my vacations and watching the reactions to photos by friends and family, I have concluded that some of the less perfect photos get more attention. Landmarks that include people, tourists even signs and vehicles, rather than those same landmarks devoid of clutter. Sure they might not have commercial appeal, but are more engaging to the casual observer.

Burt Johnson's picture

Excellent video! I will be forwarding this to several photo guides that I have used, and to friends who also travel with camera frequently, as we do. Thx for posting!