Simple Tips and Tricks to Make Footage of Yourself Look Professional

Filming yourself is tricky business, as you can't be behind the camera to make sure everything is going as it should. This helpful video will walk you through all sorts of things you should consider to make footage of yourself look professional.

Coming to you from Basic Filmmaker, this great video will show you how to really take footage of yourself to the next level. If you're into vlogging or really any video that involves you talking to the camera, part of selling the content as worthwhile to the viewer is simply making your presentation look professional, which ranges from the lighting to things like how you dress and set clutter. In fact, the video touches on a pet peeve of mine, which is desk clutter. I've watched a lot of videos in which a messy desk distracted from the person on screen and reduced the strength of the composition. If there's a certain aesthetic you're going for, that's one thing, but make sure everything in front of the camera is there for a reason. Something the video doesn't cover that I think is massively important is sound. You don't need someone with a boom mic (there's really nothing wrong with the mic being visible in these types of videos anyway), but you should ensure that you're getting quality audio as well; after all, sound is half the experience. 

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