Some Helpful Tips for Wedding Group Portraits

If there're two things to remember about wedding photography, it's that you have to know your stuff inside and out and second chances don't exist. This helpful video will show you some great tips for posing a large wedding group, lighting them, and picking the proper camera settings.

Coming to you from Shutterbug Magazine, this video contains advice from the one and only Denis Reggie on properly posing, lighting, and shooting a group at a wedding. As a wedding photographer, you'll no doubt have to do this with lots of groups during the formal portraits, and it can be a taunting task if you don't head into it with a plan of attack. Luckily, as Reggie demonstrates, you don't need super crazy equipment to get good results; in fact, he's just using his Canon Speedlites, a radio trigger, and a white umbrella. Speedlites are probably preferable for most photographers at weddings anyway (unless they have a dedicated assistant hauling all that stuff around), as the speed and convenience makes it much easier to jump around and keep up with the fast pace of the day. Don't forget if you're a Canon shooter that there's also the Yongnuo version if you're looking to save more. 

[via Shutterbug]

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Jonathan Brady's picture

His work is incredible. Simple stuff, but quite effective. Thanks for sharing it!

user-156929's picture

While I would never shoot a wedding, I often to groups and this was very helpful. Thanks!

William Howell's picture

Alex you repost some of the best stuff.
I was one of the first to see this video on Shutterbug’s channel and this tutorial is going to come in handy.
At the first big snow we get here in the Chicagoland area I’m going to photograph my family, all 18 of us at a Park that has old growth Oak trees. Hopefully it is good enough to go in my portfolio.

Alex Cooke's picture

Thanks, William! I spend about an hour a day going through 140 bookmarks of content before I even begin to write, and I take a lot of pride in tracking down the best stuff, so I really appreciate that.

That sounds like it'll be a great shot! Be sure to post it so we can see it!

William Howell's picture

Man, you should do an article on some of your favorite bookmarks.
I go to four photography sites most every morning. Fstoppers, DIY Photography, ISO 1200 and Lighting Rumors.