A Start-to-Finish Landscape Photography Tutorial for Beginners

Landscape photography can be tricky to learn, as it takes the confluence of several techniques and creative ideas to make a complete photo. If you are new to landscape photography, this fantastic video tutorial will show you how to take a shot from start to finish.

Coming to you from Gary Gough, this great video tutorial will teach you how to take a landscape photo. Landscape photography can be a great genre to learn, as it forces you to practice a wide variety of techniques, plus it is super enjoyable and a fun way to get outside with your camera. In addition to all the great tips Gough offers, I would also say it is important to be careful with the edit. It can be tempting, especially when you are new to landscape photography, to go overboard with an edit, such as pumping the saturation too high. When you are done with the edit, step away from the computer for a minute or so, then return to the image with a fresh set of eyes before you perform the final export. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Gough.

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