Steve Perry's Crash Course for Bird in Flight Photography!

I enjoy the challenge of bird photography quite often. There are many techniques one must learn to be able to be good at it. Not only are the images stunning, but there's a great sense of satisfaction when you capture a difficult shot.

You can learn many techniques by reading articles or books or by watching videos. Although perfection only comes with experience in the field by learning what works and what doesn't, a few tips will undoubtedly shorten that learning period. This video by Steve Perry is one of those that can help jump-start that experience. Steve keeps no secrets to himself as he shares his top 10 techniques for photographing birds in flight.

Having learned some of these techniques by long brutal hours in the field, I can attest that you'll save yourself some missed shots if you learn these first. Simply learning these techniques won't make you an overnight expert, but they will certainly help you avoid a lot of frustration.

Steve covers topics such as camera settings, background considerations, weather, tracking tips, and more. This video contains a wealth of knowledge produced by Steve's many years of trial and error in the field.

Want to nail those take-off shots? Want to know where to find good targets? It's all covered in this crash course for photographing birds in flight.

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Steve has by far my favorite YouTube channel to watch. Always good info on technique or gear, not just cameras but little things to help in the field.